Create An English Article

Sometimes, many people think that it is to difficult to make an English article. It’s really difficult to make an English article? I don’t think so. You can follow this article to improve your skill to make an English article.

Great Willingness. I think it’s the most important think to make an English article. If we don’t have a great willingness to make an English article, how can an article can be make?

Knowing English. Don’t worry if you don’t have a good English skill to make an English article. You can increase your skill in English by read a lot of English book. First, your can read a comic write in English to make you learn in English fun.

A Lot Of Practice. Practice can make a perfect. Thats right? Just try to create about one or two paragraph. every day. If you don’t have any idea about what will your write, your can start to write about your daily activities in your diary.

Don’t Be Shy. Really, I’m not good in English. It’s my first article that I publish in the Internet. Maybe, in this article have a lot of mistakes, wrong sentences, wrong tenses, wrong writing, etc. But, it’s OK because we just start to try create an English article. Don’t be shy if you have a lot of mistake in your article. Keep to write and write.

Keep Fight. Don’t give up. Do the best you can do. Continue to write and write and make your writing skill better than before. Read a lot of English article or story, understand it, get the point and try to write it back using your understanding.

I think if you follow this advice in this article, you can make a better article than me. Keep practice and don’t give up.


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